About Muktabodha


"Muktabodha" means "the wisdom of the liberated one" and refers to an experiential state of supreme freedom described in detail in the scriptures and philosophical texts of ancient India. This freedom and release from suffering is as fundamentally important and relevant to contemporary society as it was in ancient times.

The Indian subcontinent holds a vast treasury of manuscripts and orally transmitted knowledge grounded in the unique experiences and wisdom of its sages, yogis, and philosophers. As India is becoming a world leader in modern forms of science and technology, much of this traditional wisdom and heritage is in danger of being lost. There are many reasons for this crisis, including the disappearance of traditional forms of support for religious scholars, the economic and cultural pressures of globalization, and the ravages of a harsh climate on ancient and fragile palm-leaf and paper manuscripts. As a result, much of this knowledge has fallen into obscurity and is in danger of being lost to the world forever.

The work of the Muktabodha Institute is built on the recognition that preserving this knowledge is vitally important not only as a resource for scholars and students, but as a resource for the benefit of all humanity. Yet, we are in a race with time. Therefore, Muktabodha employs both traditional methods and the innovative use of digital information technology to preserve and make available the genius of India's heritage.


The Muktabodha Institute was founded in 1997 at the request of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, the spiritual leader of the Siddha Yoga Mission. It is an expression of her gratitude for the wisdom revealed in the Indian scriptures and for the sages who articulated this knowledge, and a reflection of her commitment to preserve this wisdom for future generations. With the support of the SYDA Foundation in the United States and the Gurudev Siddha Peeth Trust in India, the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute was launched as a non-profit educational foundation in the United States and an independent educational trust in India.


Muktabodha focuses on preserving scriptural texts related to the Tantric and Agamic traditions, as well as India's oral tradition of Vedic chanting and the ritual and philosophical knowledge associated with it. We are committed to a holistic approach that recognizes the importance of both the oral and textual expressions of these traditions. To ensure that these texts and teachings remain accessible for study worldwide, Muktabodha developed the following programs: