It is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of two new members of the Muktabodha India Trust. The India Trust works in partnership with the Muktabodha U.S. Board of Directors to oversee the work of the Institute. Aditya Mavillapalli and Kalindi Philip join Rajul Parikh, who has been a member of Muktabodha Trust in India since 2017, to form a new board of directors.


Rajul Parikh

Rajul Parikh is co-founder of Ace Hygiene Pvt Ltd, a company dedicated to UV solutions for water, air, and surface disinfection, and has more than 20 years of experience in the world of industry. She and her company are currently offering solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently on the board of Water Quality Association of India, she has previously served as its President.

Member of the Muktabodha India Trust since 2017, Rajul is passionate about the preservation of India’s philosophical legacy which is in danger of being lost to the world. She has been contributing to Muktabodha’s mission by expanding the scope of its activities in India.


Aditya Mavillapalli

After a spell at their headquarters in Michigan, USA, Aditya Mavillapalli is currently Director of Ford Motor Company in Chennai. An engineer by training, his illustrious carrier in the global automotive industry spans over 25 years.

Aditya has volunteered extensively for causes that are close to his heart such as yoga and education, and has been actively engaged with the teachings and scriptural wisdom of India. He hopes to bring his extensive corporate skills to raise funds for Muktabodha’s mission to preserve and disseminate India’s great spiritual heritage.


Kalindi Philip

Kalindi Philip read Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Oxford University, and later worked as Economist at the Tata Economic Consultancy. She was Publisher and Managing Director of Asia Recorder Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Kalindi says: “I have always been interested in all aspects of information--its sourcing, archiving and preservation. I was drawn to Muktabodha because of its work in the preservation of historical Indian knowledge systems using modern technology, and disseminating this ancient wisdom freely around the world to all. I seek to enhance the profile of Muktabodha, and raise awareness of the urgent need to preserve the timeless treasures of India.”

A Message from the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute Board of Directors

During these uncertain times, we continue to pray that you and your loved ones keep safe. May you find strength, courage and solace in the timeless wisdom embodied in India’s sacred texts. We send all our scholars, academic communities, donors, and well-wishers around the world, our sincere gratitude for your continued support during these trying times.

चितिः स्वतन्त्रा विश्वसिद्धिहेतुः ॥१॥
Citiḥ svatantrā viśvasiddhihetuḥ ||1||
Chiti creates the universe of Her own free will

स्वेच्छया स्वभित्तौ विश्वमुन्मीलयति ॥२॥
Svecchayā svabhittau viśvamunīliyati ||2||
By the power of Her own will alone,
She unfolds the universe upon Her own screen.


The Muktabodha Indological Research Institute (MIRI) is dedicated to preserving the philosophical and scriptural texts of classical India and the wisdom they contain. It uses digital technology to preserve and protect these texts, and make them accessible to scholars and seekers worldwide – now and for generations to come.

The Indian subcontinent is home to a vast legacy of ancient manuscripts and orally-transmitted knowledge grounded in the profound wisdom and scholarship of its sages, yogis and philosophers. However, because only a fraction of the texts that comprise this legacy has been preserved, translated, or published, the roots of this heritage, and the wisdom it embodies, are in danger of being lost to the world.

Muktabodha was inaugurated in 1997 by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, spiritual head of the Siddha Yoga path. It is an expression of her gratitude for the wisdom revealed in the Indian scriptures, and for the sages who articulated this wisdom. The Institute is a reflection of Gurumayi’s commitment to preserving this wisdom for future generations.

Whether you are a professional scholar, a lay student, or simply concerned for the preservation of India’s rich philosophical and scriptural heritage, we warmly invite you to learn more about Muktabodha’s preservation projects and how you can contribute to this work.